Monday, 26 September 2011

Running a 10 km Race

I am preparing to run a race the coming Sunday. So many doubts and questions arise. I started hitting the gym seriously just a couple of months back. I was just a lazy lounging mom - before deciding to do something about my fitness. After roughly 7-8 weeks of gymming intermittently - I really do not know whether I am fit enough to do a 10 km - 10 kms of carrying my considerable body weight early in the morning with thousands of determined runners at a jogging pace.

Today I have been surfing for last minute preparations. I had some rough idea of starving myself the next 2-3 days to get my body weight down an extra kg or two - so as to run better. That seems to be a no no. All advise seem to suggest to eat proper (and not to think about weight now). The best I have run so far has been 3 odd kms on the treadmill at a stretch. That seemed to me an achievement last week! 10 kms? Will I cramp up mid stretch and an ambulance need be called. I am truly getting nervous! My calf and knee muscles also protest when I put in a bit of extra effort. At forty - and 15 - 16 kgs overweight - with flat feet - what else did I expect???

The best advise I found online was to run from telephone pole to pole and walk the next. Maybe I can cover the distance then. Walk, run, whatever - I want to finish the race, provided my knee, legs hold out.

So a week more of anticipation and nervousness. Wishing myself all the best! Will post update if I overcome my nervousness and get to the starting line.

PS - I still can't believe it! I completed 10 kms in 1 hr 25 mins odd and felt I had some to spare too!!! The couple of months of gymming and burning calories seems to have helped build stamina! As also the bootcamps!

All in all Adidas King of the Roads 2011 was an awesome run. The route was great and smooth with just the right gradient to make it interesting. The road was choc a bloc with colours befitting the theme. The pink, orange, yellow, blue Adidas vests all pounding away together made it really beautiful. Cant wait for my next run. Yoo Hoo!