Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Holiday Bingeing Vs Holiday Diets

Every fitness site I have come across in the past few days seems to be concentrating on advise to keep the holidays calories down. Blogs like "How to have a calorie free holiday" or "holiday diets" to tips on "Holiday Eating Do's and Don'ts" are rampant online these days.


I mean I have been at it throughout the year, swimming, gymming, dieting, running...cant you just leave me alone these last few days of the year? Starting the new year, I know I will have to go at it again - so just sh$$#@ off.

So what have I had these last few days?

Plates of Biriyani (ummmm)
Cuttack Chaat (an awesome mix)
Gujrati Mixture (funnily, a speciality of Cuttack)
Dahibara Aloodam
and loads of true oriya home cooked food like bhaja, khatta, mahura, santula

Who cares about the scales?

Unfortunately like all good things in life this culinary extravagance has to come to an end soon - when I leave home after the kids holidays:-( ...and back to checking where the scales tip...