Friday, 25 May 2012

What is happening with my fitness?

Almost half a year gone and I haven't logged anything. I did have a lot of fitness issues the last few months. Will go over them in details later. For now, I have slightly changed my fitness regime. Reading my last posts I realise I was doing a lot of uphill walk on the treadmill. Nowadays I just jog 2-3 kms at a stretch and walk and then jog some more. Around 40 minutes per session. Looking at the skin tone - it looks decidedly unhealthy - I have incorporated some out walks / jogs in my schedule. So I have been walking outdoors at least twice a week. If I can make it to the park - I jog there.

Yesterday - Around 5 kms at the park. Jogged for 3.5 kms. Really refreshing. I have a major exam coming up. After it is over - i need to start my uphill / incline training on the treadmill. Really builds up stamina as well as upper body strength.

Still a long way to go before my first marathon. Can I make one in December this year...lets see.

Just because I havent been logging my efforts doesnt mean I have no fitness regime going!