Wednesday, 15 January 2014

5 Things to Do to Run The Mumbai Marathon

Here are 5 Important things to do Before / After Running a Marathon (Not Training!)

Everyone knows there are important stuff to do before you actually run a marathon. A marathon is on many fitness lovers/freaks/fanatics to do list - "in things to do before one dies". So what is the important stuff to do before a marathon other than registering, practising, reaching the venue of the run, etc.

#1 to do before the Mumbai Marathon

Find your running legs. Ensure that those pair of femur, tibia and fibula muscle bound essentials are in place and not misplaced. Oil them and preserve them till the D-Day when you can unleash them on the usual suspects. That means no overdoing stuff before the run but still having enough miles in the bank.

#2 to before cracking the Mumbai Marathon

The marathon gear is as important as the actual running. What will you have to show after a 21 or 42 km run? A very sore pair of feet and sorer muscles? Well no. You will be showing selfies holding your timing placard and or your finishers medal. And more pics of proof you have crossed the line with you at the centre. So get your designer gear ready, the ear studs, the tattoos, the designer tee, shoes, runner's belt, smile (better cosmetized), skull candy and the practised V.

It helps however if the gear is comfortable as well as stylish.

PS - Gears would also include getting together your run playlist! And that means keeping your phone charged!

#3 to do For the SCMM Mumbai Marathon

 If you have been practising for the marathon - you would know about carbo loading. CARBO loading. Yes you got it right. Find the group of friends who ran with you and the nearest biriyani joint to hog it post run to make up for the lost calories. Your metabolism will be so high - it will be your safest chance to have a plate of mutton to go with that beer AND Biriyani. And if thats not incentive enough for a LSD (long slow distance run) then I dont know what is!

#4 to must do for the SCMM Mumbai Marathon

Fill your chiller tray with beers. As everyone knows - resting after a long run is as important as running. And resting = chilling = chilled beer

#5 essential for the SCMM Mumbai Marathon

Arrange for a pick-up.  You have run the 21 kms...Would you like to be stranded without friends? No way! For one thing you would have blisters. It would be mid morning - and most probably the trains would be crowded. Get you own private vehicle to take you to your destination!

Run Safe, Run Happy and I guarantee you will enjoy the experience - whatever the outcome!