Friday, 18 October 2013

Workout - 17/10/2013

Today's Workout Log

7 Rounds around the campus

Time - 50 mins: Distance - 4 kms approx. I have to set my pedometer properly. It gets disconnected with too much movement of my arms!

Intensity - Not too high. Considerably hampered by gossiping

Feeling - Great

Gym - 3 rounds of leg press, leg extension, twister, arms crunch followed by a 5 mins on the vibration plate

Today's Food Log

Breakfast - 4 pooris and alu sabzi from Ganguram :-)
Lunch - Normal with saag, karela, mixed veg, daal and a little rice
Bsicuits - 4 Maries
Sweets - 1 Nalen gurer sandesh
1 bowl Papaya
Dinner - 1 plate homemade mattar chat (with farsan/chips on top)

Now how do I sum up these calories????

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