Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day 1 Marathon prep

18th December - I jogged 5 kms on the treadmill in 40 mins. then did a walk jog routine on the incline for 20 more minutes. My aim was to jog for 40 mins non stop. Achieved.
Total calories - 400. Time - 60 min. Distance - 7 kms.

Finished with some stretches.

19th Dec (morn) - some light stretches and leg muscles workout.

Tip of the day - Never stretch cold muscles - you might pull some. Do a light warm up before any routine.
Plan to jog 5 kms today evening. Lets see.

SCMM Mumbai Marathon 2013 - Here I come!

Mumbai Marathon - Here I come!

My registration for the Mumbai Marathon has been accepted. i am to run 42 kms - wow wow...boo hooo.

Scared shit. three things can happen.

i can complete the course in a time of 6 hours plus (most preferable)...but better than Katie Holmes timing ;-)
i can quit after the halfway mark...i feel i can complete half the course
i can fail to show up...most deplorable. But i do tend to get sick with nervousness before any major event. even though the event is for fun. even though the event is just a self test of mental and physical fitness. even though the result is meaningless. wimp :-)

Gym And So On


Sunday, 9 September 2012

www.procamrunning.in/scmm/ - Register For Mumbai Marathon 2013

You can register for Mumbai Marathon at the the website

The registration for the Half Marathon is closed. However the Marathon is still open for registration. Enjoy the run!

The marathon page has a number of tips for runners. So even if you are not joining the marathon - you can prepare according to the schedule for fitness and training for a future run. Its always difficult to start from zero to run a marathon. The training schedule is for people who have had some running / walking experience as the first run/jog/ walk is 4 kms.

If you are starting from zero and wish to participate in a long distance run - my advise is just start with small steps - run 800 mts the first time - without giving up. Just let not the distance of 42 kms daunt you. Keep increasing till you are at the 3-4 kms level. This may take 15 days to 2 months depending upon your fitness level and commitment. But the fun and a feeling of achievement is guaranteed! And maybe you can run a marathon in 6-8 months.

Mumbai Marathon Registration

Oops - the registration to the Standard Chartered Half Marathon at Mumbai is already closed. I dont understand the Mumbai Marathon page. There seems to be a Quota system for ladies - but how does one register for it? Is it still open for the Half marathon? Apparently information is not easily available unless one registers and pays up. I mean its just the webpage for a Marathon - for us dumb runners - not an application form / webpage to the MIT for the geeky types! All Info should be clear. The navigation through the Mumbai Standard Chartered Marathon page is a bummer - period.

Do I dare try for the Mumbai Full Marathon?

I have been putting in some effort at the gym the last 3 days. Though not in any way good enough for a marathon.

Thursday - 530 calories in 1 hour, followed by muscle training and a steam bath.
Friday - 450 calories from a 6 km trip on the treadmill in 50 minutes. More running than walking and climbing.
Sunday - 3 kms in 30 minutes and just about 200 cal. Followed it up with some weight training.

All the marathon training schedules say that I need to put in at least 20 miles a week. I seem to be at the 10 miles a week level still. I do think i can complete a half marathon. Not at all sure about a Full Marathon though.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Game of Badminton

It was time for a game of badminton. Got to play 3 games with a friend. Good bit of running and sweating and full body cardio. The best thing about playing baddy is that you have to do it with a friend - so not boring! Followed it up a 1 km run. Ended up with a headache the next day. Wonder what that was for? Scared me - waking up with a migraine middle of the night!

How much Calorie Does Badminton Burn - 30 minutes of badminton would burn about 200 cal.

Here are some interesting facts on the health benefits of playing badminton.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Way to Diet

Reading about all these diet plans has made me terribly hungry!

I have zeroed down on two options after some initial research. Taking a weight loss supplement like amway  / herbalife, etc or going on a lemonade diet.

Diet supplements are apparently high protein low carb products which supplement your meal plan. Let me check out more on the exact content fibre content and price of the products.

A lemonade diet seems to be a much cheaper option - only needs harder work. Drink fresh lemonade every day with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. However I have to see whether maple syrup and cayenne pepper are available on the shelf in my town! While internet may have wiped out the distances between continents and you get as much information in New York as in Nuaghat - there's still a long way to go in getting physical products conveniently...sigh. What could be the Indian and locally available substitutes for maple syrup and cayenne pepper?

A 10 Day Diet

I am seriously considering going on a ten day diet. My weight loss efforts have been frustrating so far - with this month showing no dip in the scales whatsoever. But why blame anyone/anything? My keeness on biriyani, golgappa (gupchup), singada, aloodum dahibara and all the variety of junk food out there has to show some effect somewhere - and unfortunately - they are settling down in nice neat tyres on my waist.

There seem to be a whole lot of FREE DIETS out there. With so much of free advise from experts out there - whats the need to go to a professional;-). Livestrong has come up with some options on first search. Let me see if shedding 3-4 kgs by the end of the month is possible. After all I have done the hard work of gymming the entire month so far. Let me find something...will jot it down and the results (if i get around to dieting!)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Using Gym Vibration Plates

Our gym has two brand new vibration plates. The gym trainers are advocating the use of those plates a lot. In fact one trainer suggested using the plates for 10 minutes would be equivalent of 100 push-ups. How true is that? I have no idea - but I doubt it. Yesterday I tried to do some upper body workout on the plates, kneeling down with the elbows on the plates. The body seemed to get a proper jingle - but I felt my brain pop out too! I think I will stick to standing on the plates and let my hips wiggle :-)

PS - Have been doing some more research on Gym Vibration Plates. While some dismiss the current vibration machine fad as a scam - there are many others fitness experts who are swearing by its efficacy.  The Russians apparently used it in their Space program and managed to stay for the longest period in a closed vehicle. It helped them lose less muscle mass and keep fit.

While the above is proven fact - I guess its the quality of machines, proper use that make the difference. Apparently the machines also assist to reverse osteoporosis!! So ladies it appears to be a much needed fitness equipment!

The price ranges from USD 200 to 2000. Check out some Vibration plates at Amazon here.

Monday, 13 August 2012

How Much Calories is There In an Innocuous Biscuit?

Being a Mom of two growing boys - I always have well stocked boxes of biscuits at home and around. So it is quite easy to snack on biscuits when one is hungry or bored. Lately I have developed this habit of taking a packet of biscuits with me to the workplace to satiate my mid - morning hunger.  However looking at the product information on one of the packets gave me a shock. A packet of Rs 5 Britannia Butter Cookies packs in as much as 240 plus calories (the information on the pack says 100 g has 488 Kcal) - equivalent to one hour of power walking or 30 minutes of jogging. So Rs 5 and 3 minutes undos whatever effort one has put in at the gym in a day...pity, when one can so easily do without those biscuits. No wonder I never seem to lose weight!

Apparently even the Britannia Marie Gold or Sunfeast Marie Lite have about 440 calories per 100 gm. (I am yet to study their packs - this information is from the web). So much for healthier biscuiting options! The bottomline is  - please dont follow a biscuit and water diet for weight loss - its NEVER going to work.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

More on My Personal Fitness

Two days back I  ran 3 kms on the treadmill - in around 21 minutes. This is the first time I have run 3 kms on the trot in my new gym and in the past two months. The feeling was really good. After a round of weight training I came back and power walked for 30 more minutes. I know I am giving more stress on cardio. Bu I guess cardio helps more in weight loss and the feel good factor is more.

Ram Singh Yadav Does the Marathon in 2 Hrs 30 Min

Those of you who arent sports lovers might ask - what is that? Ram Singh Yadav was the first Indian in 3 decades, since Shivnath Singh in 1980, to qualify to run in the Olympics Marathon. Ram Singh qualified with a career best timing of 2 hrs 16.59 secs. That timing would have enabled Ram Singh to have finished in the top 30 in the Olympics Marathon.Ram Singh finished 78th with a time of 2:30.06. 

Olympics Marathon has an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards) and is the holy grail of all long distance runners.

Considering the history of marathon running in the country - it is indeed a creditable job by Ram Singh.

Now coming back to my pet subject - if there was a running bootcamp or running clinic or even a running group in every city and town and village - wouldn't India produce more than a sole Olympics marathoner in three decades?

Well Done Ram Singh - may you run many more marathons and inspire a generation of runners!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Place, New Equipment, New Commitment

I have just shifted to a new place, a new country. Together with adjusting with everything - I had to hunt for a gym nearby. And bingo! The colony that I have shifted into has a more or less well equipped gym with trainers. There is a jogging path too nearby. Its made of concrete so I havent tried it yet. I have put in 4-5 hours in the gym so far and it feels good. Have been relatively lazy and out of touch since the last time I was online. Will keep updated on diet and all soon

Friday, 25 May 2012

What is happening with my fitness?

Almost half a year gone and I haven't logged anything. I did have a lot of fitness issues the last few months. Will go over them in details later. For now, I have slightly changed my fitness regime. Reading my last posts I realise I was doing a lot of uphill walk on the treadmill. Nowadays I just jog 2-3 kms at a stretch and walk and then jog some more. Around 40 minutes per session. Looking at the skin tone - it looks decidedly unhealthy - I have incorporated some out walks / jogs in my schedule. So I have been walking outdoors at least twice a week. If I can make it to the park - I jog there.

Yesterday - Around 5 kms at the park. Jogged for 3.5 kms. Really refreshing. I have a major exam coming up. After it is over - i need to start my uphill / incline training on the treadmill. Really builds up stamina as well as upper body strength.

Still a long way to go before my first marathon. Can I make one in December this year...lets see.

Just because I havent been logging my efforts doesnt mean I have no fitness regime going!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day at Gym

Logged 7 kms on the treadmill - at 63 mins and 520+ calories. Sweaty sweaty... It was yesterday. Then spent the entire day standing around at MPH looking at books on sale. No better way to spend a Sunday! I wish I did the treadmill thing more often. Just been too lazy lately and have not been paying attention to my diet.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Walking, Walking...

Logged 500 calories on the treadmill today, in 55 minutes. Followed it up with a wee bit of arm and leg exercises. Feeling good. I followa walking on a incline and a jogging routine alternating. One thing I always do is take a small water break after 30 minutes.

DASH Diet - What is it?

The DASH Diet has won the Best Overall Diet award for the year 2012. What is DASH Diet?

DASH - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

The Diet as the name suggests strives to prevent and lower BP or Hypertension.

So is it only for High Blood Pressure patients?

The Dash Diet follows a combination of a specified eating plan combined with reduced intake of salt. Dash menus have sodium in the range of 2300 mg while the average US man has a daily intake of sodium of 4200 mg. The diet is rich in potassium, magnesuim, calcium - all essential minerals and protein and fibre.

The Dash eating plan prescribes amount of daily servings per day for various calorie needs. Suppose a person requires 1600 calories per day as per her lifestyle and metabolism levels - the daily servings of various food groups is givens in the DASH Dietary Plan.

For 1600 calories per day - daily servings as per DASH

Food Group                        No of Servings          Each Serving Includes (eg)

Grains (preferably whole) -       6                        1 slice bread or 1/2 cup rice, pasta
Vegetables -                             3-4                     1/2 cup cooked veg or 1 cup raw leafy
Fruits -                                      4                       1 medium fruit, 1/2 cup fruit juice
Fat Free or Low Fat Milk         2-3                     1 cup yoghurt
Lean Meats, Poultry, Fish -        3-6                    1 oz
Nuts, Seeds, Legumes             3/Week                1/2 cup cooked legumes, 1/3 cup nuts
Fats and Oils                            2                         1 tsp

The Dash Diet plan gives the food that comes under the various food groups.

The plan has many useful tips and tricks on how to reduce your intake of calories and salt - like taking an apple instead of 4 shortbread cookes saves one 80 calories, using unsalted products whereever possible, washing canned vegetables to remove the brine or better using fresh vegetables.

Its apparent from the diet that it is appropriate for weight watchers as well as High BP patients as well as anyone willing to invest a modicum of time and energy to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

The Dash Diet can be found in entirety at the NHLBI website to download.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

What is Oats?

Oat is by far the Numero Uno item for most beginner dieters. Or veteran dieters? What is oatmeal? How is it eaten? How nutritious is eat? Is it for Real or just another promotion gimmick (lower cholesterol, anyone?) by commercial food specialists?

I decided to seriously look into these questions. Here are the answers I got.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back to the Gym

Today was my first outing to the gym after the holidays. Didnt do much. Just 40 mins on the treadmill. Felt good to be running after soooo long. DId a 20 mins run at 7-1/2 km/hr...

Am think of trying a brown rice diet recommended by my brother.

Logging my weight - 71 kilos

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Condo Gym or Real Gym

Do I enroll in a proper gym? Are aerobics workouts essential for overall body ftness? How important is muscle training? Sigh...My condo gym has just treadmills and the cycle. I guess its just not enough for overall fitness.