Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day 1 Marathon prep

18th December - I jogged 5 kms on the treadmill in 40 mins. then did a walk jog routine on the incline for 20 more minutes. My aim was to jog for 40 mins non stop. Achieved.
Total calories - 400. Time - 60 min. Distance - 7 kms.

Finished with some stretches.

19th Dec (morn) - some light stretches and leg muscles workout.

Tip of the day - Never stretch cold muscles - you might pull some. Do a light warm up before any routine.
Plan to jog 5 kms today evening. Lets see.

SCMM Mumbai Marathon 2013 - Here I come!

Mumbai Marathon - Here I come!

My registration for the Mumbai Marathon has been accepted. i am to run 42 kms - wow wow...boo hooo.

Scared shit. three things can happen.

i can complete the course in a time of 6 hours plus (most preferable)...but better than Katie Holmes timing ;-)
i can quit after the halfway mark...i feel i can complete half the course
i can fail to show up...most deplorable. But i do tend to get sick with nervousness before any major event. even though the event is for fun. even though the event is just a self test of mental and physical fitness. even though the result is meaningless. wimp :-)

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